Now comes the boxers!

Ever since 1965, Seventh-day Adventists in Hole have run the student program Norsk Bokforlag to help students from the third world.

UDI and other public authorities should, according to the publisher’s website, have given the students permission to sell books during the summer vacation.

By 2017, 60 students went from door to door and sold books. All sellers have credentials and clothing with Norsk Bokforlag’s logo.

The students come mainly from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Most people study in their home country, but some also study in other countries. Approximately 60% hold a bachelor, while the remaining 40% hold a master’s or doctoral dissertation.

Samuel (left) and Christoffer. Christoffer is self-author and has many good words to say about the quality of the books, something Samuel appreciates to hear

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